Electric bikes, electric powered tricycles and electric bicycle motor kits let you enjoy the outdoors, and provide the fun you deserve. Where hills, headwinds and longer distances were once limiting factors, our electric bikes have removed these boundaries and left nothing but wide open freedom and fun - smiles are guaranteed.

Folding bikes and kick scooters are integrated into other forms of commuting with great ease, expanding your mobility and decreasing the length of your daily commute with nothing but positive results. We welcome you to transform your life, the lives of those around you, and soon enough the very communities that you live in.
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The Forza Sport - The Toughest Electric Bike Brand new and available only from NYCeWheels, the fully custom Forza Sport! A stripped down, tough bike built to take the hard knocks of city riding, the Forza Sport is virtually maintenance free!

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Electric bike section including OHM, eZeebike and Giant Twist Electric bikes are for the most part bicycles with a motor, charger, speed controller and battery. The battery powered system is not intended to be a motorcycle or moped but rather an assisted bicycle that is easier to pedal (although if need be, on selected models you can ride without pedaling up to the legal speed limit of 20mph.)
Our electric bike selection includes the Giant Twist Freedom, the Rayos electric bike, the new OHM from Canada, and the high performance line of eZee bikes, including the eZee TorQ, eZee Cadence, eZee Sprint, the eZee Forza, the eZee Quando electric folding bike and the top-of-the-line eZee Carro three wheel electric trike.

Folding bike selection including Brompton, Dahon, Xootr Swift and Strida Folding bikes are designed for portability and ease of use. The folding bicycle is popular with commuters, for airplanes, boating and RVs. Here in New York City, much like in any place with limited space, fold-up bikes make a ton of sense and are therefore our best selling product.
Our selection of compact bicycles includes the Brompton folding bike, the 5 second fold-able Tikit from Bike Friday, the Strida, Dahon folding bicycles, and the Brooklyn-born Xootr Swift Folder.
Please stop by for a test-ride, you will be amazed how much fun today's high performance, light-weight folding bikes are.

Electric bike motor kits Electric bike motor kits are designed to retrofit a standard non-powered bicycle or trike with an electric / battery powered motor. It is in general less expensive to purchase a pre-built electric bike but the electric assist motor kit allows you to use the bike you already know and love. The BionX electric bike motor conversion kit also works great for unique rides like a recumbent, folding bike, trike or a ride with special feelings attached to it. We decided from years of experience that the only electric conversion kit systems truly worth your money are the Canadian made BionX power assist bike system and the powerful eZee electric bike conversion.

Adult and kids kick scooters including the Xootr and Goped push scooter Kick scooters or push scooters the most portable, most compact rides we offer. Xootr Adult kick scooters are made of lightweight aluminum, they weigh in at around 10 lbs and can easily be taken up 5 flights of stairs, down to the subway or on the bus and fit under a desk or in the trunk of the smallest plane or sports car.
GoPed offers the GrowPed for kids of 4-8 years and the KnowPed for kids and adult riders of 8 years and older.
Our Xootr kick scooters include our best-selling Xootr MG, Street, Cruz, Roma and the Venus. The Xootr scooter is the choice of tool for the short-range NYC commuter.


NYCeWheels is a New York City based dealer and full service shop.
We are located on the Upper East Side in NYC, 1603 York avenue, New York, NY 10028.

NYCeWheels is open MON-SAT 11am - 7pm and provide free test rides of our electric bikes, folding bikes, and kick scooters (assuming that it isn't raining.)
We ship our electric bikes and folding bikes fully assembled and tuned-up, ready to ride, throughout the country.
Outside of New York, California and Florida are our leading states when it comes to electric bikes (also known as e-bikes), followed by New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas and Arizona. Folding bikes ship anywhere and everywhere.
We also ship internationally - the UK, Germany and Spain are leading the pack there.

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eZee Quando electric folding bike
Our most popular bike for city folks, boaters, pilots, campers or anyone looking for a portable, fun ride. Whether you are looking for a bike or a scooter the Quando is it.

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