The eZeebike electric bike self install motor kit is one of the finest light-weight front hub motor systems available.

eZee electric bike motor kit features:

The eZeebike electric bike motor conversion easily installs on most bicycles and tricycles with standard forks and many bikes with good quality suspension forks. Check to make sure you have 100 millimeters (3.94 inches) clearance between the drop outs where the axel mounts.
The eZee electric conversion will give you the same outstanding performance and value as any of our eZee electric bikes but allows you to keep your existing non-powered bike or purchase one to perfectly fits your needs and electrify it.

The Motor comes pre-installed on double walled rim with tire and tube. Installation takes about 1-4 hours depending on bicycle configuration.

eZeebike electric bicycle motor system

Item # EP-CO-EZE

eZeebike electric bicycle motor system

eZeebike electric bicycle motor system

Retail Price $745.00

1) Wheel size
26: 26 inch front wheel
700: 700c front wheel

2) Battery & Charger
NBC: Kit without battery and charger
SLA: 12AH Sla battery and soneil charger in rear Sunlite trunk, add $250
LI: 10AH Lithium-Ion, add $450


Lithium Battery Option:

Voltage: 37 V
Amp Hours: 10 AH Lithium
Weight: 9 lbs

SLA Battery Option:

Voltage: 37 V
Amp Hours: 12 AH Sealed Lead Acid
Weight: 25 lbs


Gear Ratio: 5:1
Power: 400 Watt / 700 peak
Weight: 7.2 lbs


Max Voltage: 44 V
Low voltage cut-off: 31.5 V
Waterproof: Yes, no worries
Max Current: 20 A

Typical Speed:

26" wheel: 20 mph
700c wheel:22 mph

Typical Range with pedalling about 15 to 25 miles per charge, depending on riding style, rider weight, terrain, wheel size....

Get Em While They're Hot - Electrified Recumbent's in FinlandGet Em While They're Hot - Electrified Recumbent's in Finland
Tapani Karttunen of Finland installed an Ezee conversion kit on his Zox recumbent. It seems that electrified recumbents are becoming very popular overseas.

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