Ezee Logo Electric folding bikes like the eZee Quando are becoming very popular these days. We have customers riding their folders to work and store them under desks as well as planes, boats, car trunks and RV?s.

The eZee Quando was build to be as easy to use and low maintenance as possible. The Quando sports an easy to use single speed setup, quick release battery pack and a 10 second folding sequence.

eZee Quando features:

The eZee Quando has a top-speed of 16 mph which is just right for its compact 20? wheels. The smaller wheels give this bike amazing pep.

Our Quando fold up electric bicycle is using the latest battery and charger technology available to date. Our bikes all come with Lithium-Ion battery sets. Lithium is the lightest battery pack and makes sense if you need your electric folding bike to be as portable as possible.

At 51-1/2 lbs the eZee Quando is one of the lightest bikes in this class. If tons of fun, portability, ease of use and amazing hill climbing are what you're looking for, the eZee Quando is your electric bike.

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eZee Quando electric folding bike

Item # EP-BI-EZE-Quando-2

eZee Quando electric folding bike

eZee Quando electric folding bike

Retail Price $1,500.00

1. Color:
SV: Silver

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.
Electric drive system:
Maximum Speed: 15.6 mph
Range: 20 miles
Weight: 51 lbs including battery
Motor: Brushless Servo motor, peak 500 watt at a continous rating of 250 watts with planetary gears.
Control: Overload protection 16 amps, low voltage protection : 31.5 V
Battery: 36V 10 Ah lithium ion complete with battery management circuit
Charger: Automatic Smart charger, maximum charge time 5.5 hours

Bike specifications:
Frame: Folding electric bike, Al alloy 7005 T6, CNC folding mechanism
Folded dimensions: 36 long, 17 wide and 30 high
Tires: Kenda 20 x 2.125
Rim: Weinmann Al alloy twin wall CNC
Spokes: 13g stainless steel
Brakes: Tektro V-brakes front, Shimano Roller brakes rear
Brake lever: Tektro with electric cut off on braking
Rear Hub: Motor with single speed freewheel
Front fork: Al alloy
Handle bar: Al alloy
Head stem: folding head stem, CNC folding mechanis
Mudguard: Polycarbonate plastics, stainless steel support
Chainwheel: Al alloy chainwheel and guard 52 T and Al alloy crank 150 mm
Chain: KMD RB 51Z corrosion resistant chain
Stand: Al alloy central kick stand.
Rear carrier: Al alloy
Saddle: Velo 2018S
Seat post: Al alloy

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