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The Liv is a simple, affordable, and reliable electric bicycle. Although the Liv does not quite offer the same power and top speed of some of its eZee siblings, it makes up for it with its superb range and value. The Liv is best suited for a commuter or recreational rider who needs help on moderate hills or long rides but with no desire to set new world-speed records.

eZee LiV features:

The Liv has a 200W front wheel motor and a smooth shifting and maintenance-free internal 3-speed hub, which means you'll have all the power and gearing you'll need for urban or suburban riding and with a lighter bike to boot. The Liv is easy to pedal and lightweight, which makes it a pleasure to pedal without electrical assistance. With its semi-step through frame design, getting on and off of the bike will be easy, making it a comfortable ride for almost anyone.

The Liv batteries are the same reliable batteries which propelled the eZee Torq to victory in the Prestige Electric Bike Rally.

As on most eZee electric bikes, the degree of electrical assistance is determined by a throttle on the handlebars. You can activate the throttle and ride without pedaling at all, or you can pedal in conjunction with the throttle, making your pedaling easier and extending your range.

The eZee Liv offers one of the lightest weights in electric bikes and comes in at one of the most affordable prices. If you're not looking to pay for all kinds of features that you won't be using and you just want something simple, effective, and reliable, the eZee Liv is the electric bike for you.

eZee LiV electric bike

Item # EP-BI-EZE-LiV

eZee LiV electric bike

eZee LiV electric bike

Retail Price $1,500.00

Select energy set:
LI: Lithium battery

This bike will be shipped via truck in a huge box and comes ready to ride. The flat fee is $200 for this Service and will be added at check-out

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.
Electric Drive System:
Motor- 200W DC Brush permanent magnet motor with planetary gear
Control- Overload protection 18 amps. Low voltage protection at 31.5V
Range- 15-30 miles
Battery- Lithium 10A
Charger- 2 amps charger
Lights- Front and Rear

Bike Specifications:
Weight- 63lbs
Frame- Aluminium alloy 6061 T6
Rim- all alloy Weinmann
Tires- Kenda 26 x 1.95
Brakes- Front V brake Rear Shimano Roller Brake
Front Fork- Suspension Zoom front fork with alloy crown
Handlebar Stem- Zoom Aluminium alloy / VPH692W water resistant
Rear Rack- Aluminium alloy
Mudguard- Polycarbonate
Chainwheel- 48 tooth
Chain- KMD 0.5 x 3/32"
Stand- Steel kickstand
Saddle Height- Minimum 33.5 inches
Seat Post- Suspension Post with flip-up saddle mechanism for easy access to the battery pack.
Seat tube-height 17 inches
Rear Hub- Shimano Nexus Inter-3

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